Course Selection for Current Level I and II Students

This year, current students will be completing their course selections online on Wednesday, March 4.

  1. Students will meet as groups with the administration and guidance to be provided with information  to make good choices for next year’s courses
  2. Course sections will be completed online through PowerSchool –
  3. Students will get their login and password information from their homeroom teachers
  4. Click on the Class Registration icon on the left side of the page
  5. A new page opens with a listing of the course categories similar to the regular selection sheets
  6. You can make your course selections by clicking on the pencil icon on the rights side of each course category
  7. This opens a new window. Click on the box on the left of the courses you are interested in for next year. Then select Okay.
  8. This will show your selected courses on the main page.
  9. When you are finished you should have 14 credits selected – as noted at the bottom of the page
  10. If you have any red exclamation marks you will need to correct the sections
  11. When you are finished make sure you click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  12. You will be able to make changes after you click Submit.

Marble Mountain Ski Trip

All students traveling to Marble Mountain this week are asked to bring in their waiver forms ASAP to Ms. Browne in room 201.  They were due today.  The waiver forms were passed out on Friday during the mandatory meeting.  If students were absent for the meeting please see the attached PowerPoint presentation.  Also, please read the information sheet attached.  If you need a copy of the waiver form you may print off page 7 of the attached School Alpine Program 2014-2015.  Students are required to be at school at 8:00am on Thursday so that we can avoid driving in the dark.  We are scheduled to arrive back to Gonzaga on Sunday, March 8th around 5:00pm.

City Program Get the Skills, Get the Job! Spaces Available!!!

Get the Skills, Get the Job!
Learn the key factors involved in building and developing a successful resume and cover letter. Get prepared for an interview by understanding the different stages: Before, During and After and get pointers about how to effectively answer common and difficult questions. Location:           H.G.R Mews Community Centre Date:           Wednesday, March 15, 2015 Time:           6 to 7:30pm Ages:           12 to 16 years Cost:          $10
Here’s how to register:  

  • Online through RECconnect
  • In person at either H.G.R Mews Community Centre or Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre
  • Telephone at (709) 576-8499

Women in Science and Engineering NL – March lecture announcement

Announcing the upcoming WISE NL event.

This would be of interest to our students considering this field.

Please feel free to contact

  • Vesna Kerezi
  • Speaker Series Program Coordinator
  • 727 7883

WISE NL - Poster - Dr. Lesley James


Rotary Interact: Supplies for Zimbabwe

Our Rotary Interact Club will be contributing to a relief package organized and sent by the Rotary Northwest Club. They are requesting Gonzaga’s help with collection of the following specific items: Blankets, Sports Equipment and Footwear. These items along with medical supplies, tools, plumbing, educational supplies and office supplies, will be sent to Tshelanyembe Hospital in the village of Mashipa, Zimbabwe. All items can be dropped off at the office until March 6th. If you have any questions regarding this project please email

Bottle Drive – New York Music Trip

Gonzaga parent Ms. Janet Fitzpatrick is prepared to organize a bottle drive for this Saturday, Feb. 28th at the school parking lot from 10:00-2:00.  Remember, schools receive double the refund for recyclables.  Students participating, are expected to volunteer for the FULL event. They will need to arrive at the school early (9:30) in order to sign in.  No student will receive credit if they have not signed in.

The plan is to canvas the school area door to door ( I will print off maps of catchment area to assist for Sat), collect recyclables and return them to the school parking lot for sorting.

She will need the commitment of several parents to provide assistance with transportation of students and collecting recyclables.

Would appreciate it if participants could either email or call Ms. Janet Fitzpatrick to confirm. or 722-8912. If enough support we will go ahead.

Students would need to bring gloves to handle the recyclables and dress warmly.

Ms. Ryan and Mr. Cooper

Duke of Edinburgh – Important Record Keeping

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all Duke of Edinburgh participants

How to record hours and makeup hours for service, skill and physical activity 

The Award is more like a marathon than a sprint. You should endeavour to spend an average of 1 hour per week on your activities. However, we understand that you may be busy some weeks. If you miss an activity one week, then you can do 2 hours the next week to make up for it. That way you still have an average of 1 hour per week overall. You can make up a maximum of 3 consecutive missed weeks at one time. To make up 3 “past” missed weeks, 4 hours would need to be recorded in the subsequent week (1 hour for the current week and 3 hours for the missed weeks).  The reverse also works in that if you record 4 hours in one week and you have no activity for the “upcoming” 3 weeks, you can record the 4 hours in the current week (1 hour for the current week and 3 hours for the next three weeks of missed activity), as seen in the chart below.

However, if you miss more than 3 weeks in a row, these weeks cannot be made up with extra hours. Instead, these weeks do not count and when you start your activities again, you can pick up where you left off. That means if you did 4 weeks of activity, then took a 6 week break, you would still have 9 more weeks to do once you start again for the bronze level requirements.

Also, it is important to note that on week 1 of any activity, you must always complete and record an entry as this is an important date that defines the actual start for the activity so it cannot be made up from other hours/weeks of activity.

You must record your activities in your Record Book so that they can be verified by your assessor. The chart below is an example of one way to complete an activity chart for Physical  Recreation. Once again, please keep in mind that the intention is for you to endeavour to spend an average of 1 hour per week on your activity and this example below shows the extreme case of making up as few as 1 hour and as many as the maximum 3 hours of activity in a thirteen week period for the bronze level.

The example below applies to recording your hours for the bronze level.  This same approach can be applied to the silver and gold levels as well.  This can apply to all three areas of skill, physical recreation and service, if required.


Week    Date    Hour(s)    Activity    Assessor
 1  Jan 15 2014  1  Volleyball   John Smith
 2  Jan 22 2014 2  Volleyball  John Smith
 3  none  
 4  Feb 5 2014 1  Hiking  Cindy Charles
 5  none
 6  none
 7  Feb 26 2014 3  Volleyball  John Smith
 8  March 5 2014 1  Volleyball  John Smith
 9  March 12 2014 4  Hiking  Cindy Charles
 10  none  
 11  none  
 12  none
 13  April 9 2014 1  Volleyball  Cindy Charles
  • As you can see from the sample above, there was no activity in week 3 but 2 hours were recorded in week 2 which makes up for the hour missed in week 3.
  • Also, there was 3 hours of activity recorded in week 7 and none in weeks 5 or 6 so the 3 hours in week 7 make up for the 2 hours missed in weeks 5 and 6.
  • Also, there were no hours recorded in weeks 10, 11 or 12 but the 4 hours recorded in week 9 make up for the hours missed in weeks 10, 11 and 12 for an overall grand total of 13 required hours for the bronze level.

If you have any questions about this or anything Duke-related, please contact Denise Oake at or Shannon Dawson at And, congratulations for your efforts to date! Well done!


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