Duke of Edinburgh Notice

Please register for this year’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program at Gonzaga Regional High by Monday, Dec. 9.
Once we know how many students are in the Program, we will organize explorations and expeditions to fulfill the adventurous journey component of each Award level. To help with planning, please let me or Ms. Browne know if/when you are interested and able to volunteer in any way.


For students, important next steps include:


  1. Get an application form (if needed) and a Record Book from Ms. Browne by Monday, Dec. 9
  2. Record progress in record book (when you volunteer, develop a skill, do fitness and so on)
  3. Ask questions and get answers if confused
  4. Keep fingers crossed for good weather so training and hikes (or explorations) can be organized for this spring and summer
  5. Look for 5-day opportunities to learn/develop away from home (residential project for Gold)
  6. Encourage parents to volunteer!


At Gonzaga, the teacher lead is Ms. Gillian Browne. Her e-mail is gillianbrown@esdnl.ca and phone number is 709-753-7510. Her efforts are fully supported by principal Edward van Nostrand, assistant principal Doug LeDrew and other teachers at the school. Students can see Ms. Browne for an application form, record book or anything else that will help them succeed in this Program.


If you hope to volunteer in any capacity, a certificate of conduct from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is required. A letter from the school is attached; please bring it to the RNC so the fee is waived. This form is not needed if you are already a school district employee. This clearance doesn’t take long and will be sent directly to Gonzaga once you complete the form.


Complete details about the Program and new guidelines are available at http://www.intaward.org/about-the-award. For any clarification, Trudy can be reached at trudyannecarlisle@gmail.com or tcarlisle@dukeofed.org. She can also be reached by phoning 709-753-0423.


General details about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program are available at http://www.dukeofed.org/nl and ways in which to get started are found at http://dukeofed.org/gettingstartedchecklist.


Thanks again for your interest and consideration. We hope you will become a volunteer and help the skilled and experienced volunteers ensure the program continues to be a meaningful experience for the students.

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