Health Fair at Gonzaga

A Health Fair will be held on March 26, 2014 hosted by nursing students enrolled in Community Health Nursing Practice 2514 (from the Centre for Nursing Studies).

Gonzaga students participating in Healthy Living and Career Education courses will be given the opportunity to visit the Health Fair booths during their class time.

Summaries of the nine booths:

Highlighting Cyber Safety

  • This booth will provide tips on how to manage issues regarding cyber bullying, identity theft, social media, sexting, and online shopping.

Drugs: Choose Not to Use

  • This booth will teach students about the dangers of street drugs and provide information about various helpful resources. Simulated drugs will be displayed as a teaching aid.

The Power of Positive Relationships

  • This booth will educate teens on how to form and maintain positive relationships including relationships with parents and with partners.

Eat Good, Feel Good

  • This booth will focus on the importance of eating healthy and physical activity in feeling good and improving health. Students will learn how to use Canada’s Food Guide and read food labels.

Sun Safety

  • This booth will teach students how to protect themselves in the sun. The new regulations for tanning bed use will also be highlighted.

Testicular Self-Examination and Human Papillomavirus

  • This booth will illustrate what to look and feel for during a TSE using testicular models. Information regarding HPV and the HPV vaccine will also be provided.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • This booth will educate students about STIs and screening methods. The presentation will include some graphic images and a video demonstration of condom application. Condoms will also be on display for students to view.

Smoking: Save Your Lungs, Save Your Life

  • This booth will address the health risks associated with smoking, ways to quit smoking, and how a relationship with smoking can alter your life.

Contraception: An Educated Choice

  • This booth will discuss various methods of contraception. Numerous types of birth control will be on display for students to view.

For more details please check Health Fair Summaries March 26-2014


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