CDLI Support for Students

CLDI is planning to offer reviews/supports starting after the Easter Break.

Here is a breakdown of the Course Review Supports they have in place, or will have in place at CDLI:

The first four courses are partially completed (~65%) and the developers are working in a linear fashion to complete the courses outcomes. Work being done in schools in those courses may not be covered at this time but will be in near future. All material to be uploaded to site by May 5/14 and students can access the completed course material now.

1.      Math 3200
2.      Math 3201
3.      Math 3208
4.      Earth Sciences 3209
5.      ** Math 3202

The first four courses above will offer contact with students starting May 6th. This is not synchronous contact in BBC but is a questioning strategy where students will post questions in the D2L discussion area and the teachers will respond. The teachers will devote two hours per week to this questioning strategy.

** The Math 3202 is in early development stages and is not yet available, but will be within a couple of weeks. The developer is developing both instructional material and review material, so this course will have more content than any of the others.

The following courses are carry-overs from previous years, are completed and available for access:
1.      Chemistry 3202
2.      Physics 3204
3.      Biology 3201
4.      English 3201
5.      History 3201
6.      World Geography 3202

CDLI also has review material for non-Public exam courses and that material can be accessed in the Learning Content section of the CDLI web site.

Please note that a CDLI account is required for all of the above and there is a simple account registration process on our site to accommodate.

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