Duke of Edinburgh Reminders


For any Duke candidate needing their record book reviewed, please bring it to the Learning Resource Room at lunchtime tomorrow, Monday, April 28 or Tuesday, April 29. Reps will be there to review what is done, what assessors’ reports are completed, what’s left for you to do for each award level and answer any questions you may have. This is a progress check to ensure students are where they want to be at this phase of the international award program.

More complete details are available at http://www.dukeofed.org/about-the-award.


If we can get at least two more parent/adult volunteers, we are able to offer two hikes in May:

  •  May 10 – 11 (1 night) – Bronze qualifying or Silver practice
  •  May 30 – June 1 (2 nights) – Silver qualifying

Preliminary training and first aid will be in the Learning Resource Room at Gonzaga on Monday, May 5 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Back pack checks will be coordinated a couple of days before each hike to ensure readiness.


Regarding hikes, please advise Ms. Browne, the Duke lead at Gonzaga, right away which hike(s) you will be going on. Go to her classroom, e-mail gillianbrown@esdnl.ca or phone 753-7510. Tents and other equipment can be borrowed from the Duke inventory; you will likely be required to borrow or buy some items, especially good hiking boots.

You are welcome to make training and hikes happen for yourself. Show initiative and organize an alternative hike either through the Duke of Edinburgh office or independently. You can join in with other hikes taking place or arrange a hike of your own (safely with an experienced assessor). Especially if you need to conclude before June for Physical Education credits! These two Gonzaga-led hike dates may not satisfy all candidates; find out what you need and get it done.


We need to confirm at least two more parent/adult volunteers to accompany the students on the hikes. Let Gillian Browne know right away if you are able to join in. The leaders are keen to share their knowledge with all interested hikers (at all experience levels). All those who participate with the students on a hike MUST have an up-to-date certificate of conduct from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC). More information is available at ww.rnc.gov.nl.ca/services/CertificateConduct.html. In order to waive the fee, please print the attached letter from the school and have it accompany your application. This form is not needed if you are already a school district employee. And the certificate is sent directly to Gonzaga; you don’t have to pick up or deliver.

Thank you for literally getting this off the ground! It will be a memorable experience and, with the weather improving, these hikes ought to be near-balmy! I will be away from May 4 – May 20 so Gillian Browne at Gonzaga will be your main contact.


Shannon Dawson

Parent volunteer

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