Gonzaga won the 2ND PLACE SR. GIRLS SCHOOL TEAM and 2ND PLACE SR. BOYS SCHOOL TEAM in the province!

Chantal Barnes also won the SPORTSMANSHIP MEDAL for the Sr. Girls Race.

Our top 5 girls and top 5 boys travelled to Springdale this weekend and ran against 52 runners in the Sr. Boys 5k and Sr. Girls 3k divisions. They had great team spirit and determination and travel with them was a real delight! We are proud to call them Vikings!

Members of the Sr. Girls Provincial Team include: Brooke Riggs, Chantal Barnes, Danielle Seviour, Hannah Cooke, and Kelsea Fulrong.
Members of the Sr. Boys Provincial Team include: Jonathan Taylor, James Crawley, Dylan Short, Michael Connors, and Ryker Richard.

Congratulations to ALL members of Gonzaga’s Cross Country Running teams -including those who did not qualify for or could not not attend this particular competition.  They raced and practiced with our provincial teams this season and helped build the team spirit that lead to their success. (Matthew Hickey, Christine Ellsworth, Julie Canning, Katelyn Rumsey, Alex Browne, Jenny Bent, Erin Fradsham, Dawson O’Neill, Andrew Tuck, Kathleen Shea, Jessica Fleming, Cayley Hodder, Jayme King, Jenny Biles, Quinn McGettigan) Thank You!


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