March Ski Trip to Marble mountain

Ski Trip Letter 2015

Permission Form and Medical Form

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:                                                              Friday, January 9th, 2015


As part of our 2015 Spirit Week we are offering a ski trip to Marble Mountain from Thursday, March 5th to Sunday, March 8th. We will be leaving school at 11:00am on Thursday, March 6th and be bused to Steady Brook. We will return on Sunday, March 8th to St. John’s around 5 pm. We will be staying at the Marble Villa which is located on the base of Marble Mountain in Steady Brook. There are a limited number of spots available on the bus so the first 45 students to bring in their forms and money by Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 to either Mrs. Browne in room 201 or Mrs. Craig in room 407 will be permitted to attend. Attendance for the first two periods on Thursday, March 5th is mandatory for all students if they wish to attend.




The cost for this trip includes transportation, accommodations and two days plus one night of skiing (Friday. Friday night and Saturday). Students will be responsible for the cost of their food during this time, with the exception of a pizza party on Friday evening. Each room will have a kitchen and a fridge so students may prepare food they have brought along with them. Upon arrival, we will be making one trip to the grocery store to allow students to purchase food. There are also numerous locations on site to purchase food if they wish.


  • Two day/one night Ski Lift pass with equipment rental and lesson     $490
  • Two day one night Ski Lift Pass without equipment rental                   $462
  • Friday night skiing will be offered to students weather permitting.      


*Payment and completed forms are due no later than Thursday, January 22nd. Payment is by cheque only to be made out to Gonzaga High School*




We will be staying at the Marble Villa which is located on the base of Marble Mountain. Room assignments will be made prior to departure. Contact number for the Villa is 1.800.636.2725.


Regulations for Travel


The consumption of alcohol and other drugs is strictly forbidden for all students. Breaking this rule will result in disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from the trip at the participant’s expense. Compensation for damage done to hotel rooms or to buses is the responsibility of the participants. This is a school trip and students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.


Please fill out and submit the Medical Information and Waiver Form. Students who wish to rent equipment will have to fill out the Student Rental Information Sheet when it becomes available from Marble Mountain.


Suggestions on What to Wear While Skiing

at Marble Mountain


The following list, we feel, will improve your comfort and skiing/snowboarding experience at Marble Mountain.


  • Layered clothing that can be removed or added during the weather changes that can occur
  • Ski suit or a nylon “shell” suit with a suitable wool liner. Long underwear or a sweat suit increases skier comfort in mornings and late afternoon skiing when the heat from the sun is not on the slopes
  • A turtleneck shirt and a wool/fleece sweater are recommended as part of the layered principle for clothing
  • Head wear and mittens with a water/wind proof shell are very important in restricting heat loss from the head and hands. A thin hat that will fit under a helmet is best. A neck warmer is highly recommended
  • Socks that provide warmth and comfort are important. Wear ONE pair of warm socks.
  • Goggles or sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF #15 or greater) are recommended for protection against UV radiation and light glare.
  • Extra clothing, i.e., socks, mittens is useful for exchange on days when these items can become wet.
  • A bag or knapsack suitable for storage of your street boots, extra clothing and lunch.



(The helmets are provided as part of rentals)


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