Bridge the gAPP-Eastern Health

Bridge the gAPP is targeted to youth ages 13-18, who may be experiencing mental health issues and have not yet sought help.  Modern technology offers a way to connect with teens, and reaching this group is important because early intervention  can lead to better long-term outcomes and  recovery rates.  At the same time, the app seeks to help decrease stigma associated with mental illness.

The app connects youth to relevant and easy to read mental health topics that have a series of interactive questions and prompts.  Topics include: 1)  bullying and peer support, 2)  relationships, 3) identity and image, 4)  family, 5)  anxiety, 6)  mood, 7)  grief and loss, 8)  suicide and self-harm,  9)  substance use.

The app provides access to youth-friendly resources such as websites, relaxation strategies, self-submitted artwork and coping tips, as well as a list of crisis and helpful phone lines.  Bridge the gAPP  is designed to appeal to teens through the use of engaging content, colourful graphics and animated videos.  Overall, the app relays the message that it is ok to ask for help.  Plus, it is safe to use and anonymous.

The app/website will be available beginning January 29, 2015.  Click on the link below for more details.

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