Prom Dress Drive

Viking spirit shines through…the alumni give back!

Are you a recent graduate of Gonzaga High School?  Would you like to make a significant contribution to the students of your school?

We are seeking the support of our alumni and school community as we undertake our first annual prom dress drive! Prom is an exciting time for our grade 12 students; however it can be a very expensive time as well.  The majority of prom dresses are worn only once or twice and then get hung in the back of a closet, never to be used again.  We are therefore asking anyone who has a gently used prom dress to consider donating it to the school so that we can offer our present and future students the opportunity to borrow a dress instead of purchasing one.  It makes perfect sense to reuse these beautiful dresses and more importantly, your gesture could help students and families in our school community greatly reduce some of the financial burden associated with prom.  By organizing this program, we are supporting our graduates in a significant way and we are also deepening the commitment we have as a school to support each other at every level of our high school experience.

We are hopeful that with the kindness and generosity of our alumni, we can begin creating a dress bank that we can build on each year. Let’s start this effort now and see how quickly we can establish a dress bank for the 2015 graduates and beyond. Please pass this message along to others as well so that we can cultivate a spirit of giving among family and friends.  Everyone can participate and benefit!

If you would be interested in supporting our dress drive, please drop your donation at the main office during school hours.  Thank you for giving this your consideration!

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