#Wantrepreneur Leadership Conference on March 27

#Wantrepreneur Leadership Conference on March 27 – Are you interested in attending?

This Leadership Conference is hosted by Skills Canada and the St. John’s Board of Trade.  This year’s leadership conference is called “Don’t Be A Wantrepreneur”, happening Friday, March 27 during Skilled Career Day.

The conference will discuss goal setting and opportunities in entrepreneurism, etc. and will take place at College of the North Atlantic- PPD Campus from 8:30am-2:00pm. Here is a sample schedule for the day:

8:30am: Registration (complimentary)
9:00am-12:00pm: Leadership Conference hosted by St. John’s Board of Trade complete with keynote speakers and workshop activities
12:00-12:30pm: Lunch (provided free of charge)
12:30-2:00pm: Tour of campus, Try-A-Trade® Demonstrations and Provincial Competitions

Only three of our students will be able to attend.

Contact Mrs Templeman ASAP to register if you wish to attend the #Wantrepreneur Leadership Conference.

Please complete & return to Mrs T. the two attached forms: Board of Trade Registration form & Gonzaga Parental Permission form.

Don't Be A #Wantrepreneur small

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