Congratulations to the Gonzaga Chess Team

The Provincial Team Chess competition took place at Mary Queen of Peace on Saturday April 25th, 2015.

Team Gonzaga defeated Team Holy Heart to bring home the banner!

Chess is most often a one-on-one battle of minds. However, team chess is much more exciting. Team chess is different from all other tournaments in that a school’s players do not generally compete with each other, but support their school’s team(s). The excitement of schoolmates cheering when their friends win games is simply amazing to witness.

Team scores consist of the total points scored by the top four performing players on each team, during five rounds of play. Therefore, the maximum points a team can score during the tournament is 20 points, regardless of the number of players they have at the event.

The unique team nature of this event also means that collected player performances are more important than any one individual player’s results. This means that players who may not win medals at other chess events can be serious contenders in a team tournament, even being a team leader. Invoking a team athletics metaphor, “depth on the bench” counts more than having a single superstar on your team.

The top four winning team players in each section get their names engraved on perpetual trophies which their school gets to keep for the year, in addition to their individual team medals.

The Top Four Gonzaga 2015 Team Chess players:

  1. Zhipu (MaoMao) Zhang
  2. Andrew Dawson
  3. Liam Gregory
  4. Matthew Hickey

Individual Medals & Awards were also presented in the 2015 Team High School Division to:

  • 2nd Place overall Provincially:    Zhipu (MaoMao) Zhang
  • 3rd Place overall Provincially:    Andrew Dawson

Newfoundland and Labrador High School Provincial Team Chess Champions 2014-2015

Team Members:

  • Greg Butt
  • Mark Dawe
  • Andrew Dawson
  • Liam Gregory
  • Matthew Hickey
  • Noah Oldford
  • Zhipu (MaoMao) Zhang

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