Hosts Needed for the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange Program

Hosts needed in St.John’s for the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange Program this summer!

The Summer Work Student Exchange Program is a national, non-profit exchange program offering 16 and 17-year-old youth the opportunity to improve their second official language skills while also gaining valuable work experience through a paid placement in the non-profit sector. For six weeks during the summer, participants live with a host family and work in a community where their second language predominates. They travel with a group of peers, and take part in activities every weekend and some week nights to deepen their connection to each other and their new community. This program is offered at a minimal cost ($100) to the participants.

Some youth who would like to go on exchange are unable to do so because their family cannot host in return (because of health, work schedule, language and other reasons). In these instances, YMCA staff work hard to find other hosts to welcome a student for the six week period. These alternate exchange hosts play a key role in the exchange by providing a safe and healthy living environment for our participants, sharing their life experience and knowledge of their community.

This year in Atlantic Canada, we have many students who will only be able to go on the exchange if we are able to find host families for them soon. In St.John’s in particular, we will need to close the community if we do not find one more host soon.

Students work full time during the week, and are involved in group activities all weekends except for one. Compensation for hosting can be discussed with the Local Coordinator, and special arrangements (ie. only hosting for 3 weeks) can also be arranged. Dates for this year’s exchange are from June 27th to August 9th.

If you are interested in being a host this summer, please apply at

Thank you for your support of this great youth program.

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