Student Council Announcements

1. Student Council is hosting a car wash on Sunday, September 13th at Irving on Torbay Road (the one with Burger King). Stop by between 10-3 to get your car washed and support leadership development at Gonzaga.

2. Student Price Cards will be going on sale Friday, September 11th at lunch. The cost is $10 which includes a $10 voucher from Garage Clothing and Aeropostale, coupons from Extreme Pita and gives you a year of discounts at several stores in the city. We have 100 cards to sell and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis across from the vending machines.

3. Nomination forms for class president and class vice president are available from homeroom teachers. If you are interested in contributing to your school, fill out your form and hand it to your homeroom teacher by 3:00 pm Friday, September 11th. Elections will be held during homeroom period on Monday, September 14th.

4. Congratulations to Kyle Durham, Holly Dollimont and Kyle Meryer who won the Subway gifts cards from Student Council’s opening day lunch.

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