Gonzaga High School

Engineering Enrichment Program-MUN

I am pleased to contact you on behalf of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University.  We have a very exciting opportunity designed exclusively for high school students and we strongly urge you to share this information with teachers and students at Gonzaga High School.

ArcticENGINEER is a week-long enrichment program aimed at highly capable students in high schools across our province.  The objective is to expose these students to the dynamic world of Arctic Engineering research and encourage them to pursue both academic and career paths that would allow them to play valuable roles in this sector in the coming years. Participants will learn more about the Arctic and why it is important to our province. They will learn about the variety of roles that Engineers and Scientists play in Arctic research, as well as the many reasons why they should be excited about their own possibilities in this field.  Memorial’s campus in St. John’s is home to some of the most interesting and advanced technology that is available.  ArcticENGINEER will provide participants with opportunities to experience some of this first hand.  Focus tours to facilities such as the Marine Institute, The National Research Council and The Centre for Cold Ocean Research Engineering (C-CORE) will surely be inspiring and memorable.

All participants in ArcticENGINEER will be housed on campus in St. John’s. Costs for accommodations, meals, team building activities and accommodations in university residences will be included.  Maintaininga cohesive group helps to maximize the potential interaction and development of the group as a whole while providing the same enrichment experience for each individual.

Spaces in this program are limited.  We encourage you to share this information with your school community as soon as possible.  Students applying for ArcticENGINEER will be required to submit an essay detailing their interest in engineering and arctic research as well as a referral from a member of their school faculty highlighting why he/she is a suitable and deserving candidate for this unique opportunity. Student Essays, School Referral Forms and Applications must be submitted by May 31st, 2016. Students will be notified of their application status in June 2016.   Although participants may request their preferred week, acceptance to the program may require flexibility.


Session 1: July 24th – July 29th, 2016                                                      Session 2: July 31st – August 5th, 2016

Cost: $200 per participant. This fee will ensure commitment to the program and cover basic administrative costs and materials.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic about this incredible opportunity as we are. It promises to be a very exciting summer and we hope to have students from across Newfoundland and Labrador join us for this one of a kind summer enrichment program.  For more information, as well as registration and referral forms, please visit: