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Joyce Bursary-CONA

The College of the North Atlantic is very pleased to once again offer the Joyce Foundation Bursary Program for all high school students in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador who wish to pursue a college education.  The Joyce Bursary program was piloted last year with tremendous success and we are ready to roll it out again for all aspiring students.  The Joyce Foundation has secured funding for students who wish to enter college but may not have the financial means to do so.

 Once again the Joyce Foundation Bursary Program will support a student from the time they enroll in a college program until they complete the program.  As leaders in education in our communities, we are engaging you – our principals and guidance counsellors in the roll out of the program.  We need your help ensuring students are aware of The Joyce Foundation Bursary Program and the many opportunities that come with it.

 To assist you in your communications and building awareness of the program we are asking you to refer to the online tool kit that we have posted on our website. This online tool kit includes application for admission,  information brochure, and a  promotional flyer that you can print for your school  and build awareness of the program.  We encourage you to print and share these materials with all potential students about The Joyce Foundation Bursary Program and help students understand the life changing potential that education brings and how this bursary can help them achieve this goal. We recognize students may need extra support when thinking about their post-secondary education and we hope together we can help them make the right decisions.  You will also find some  frequently asked questions online regarding the program to help assist you


The pilot did share some great learnings in particular around the roll of the mentor in the student`s ongoing success. We have determined that the Mentor engagement is critical to ongoing success of the student and a MENTOR must be identified on the student application. Applications will not be considered unless a mentor has been identified by the student. The definition of a mentor is provided in the application information and a student or educational professional can contact CNA if they have questions about Mentoring for students.

 The deadline to apply for a Joyce Foundation Bursary Program is June 3, 2016 for the September enrollment at CNA.

 Questions can be directed to College of the North Atlantic  to either  Sandra Lewis at Sandra.lewis@cna.nl.ca 709 643-7880 or Evelyn Hyde at evelyn.hyde@cna.nl.ca 709 758-7536.