June 2016 Exam Regulations

EXAMINATION REGULATIONS                                                  June 2016

Please note that students are required to bring their own calculators to any exam where it would be necessary; the school cannot supply calculators. Also, please pay special attention to the details outlined below about acceptable calculators.

  1. Students will be allowed to use their lockers during the exam schedule. All purses, book bags, coats, etc. are to be left in the lockers when you go to write an exam. Students may not bring textbooks, notes, paper, or any other materials into the examination room unless instructed to do so. A bell will ring at approximately ten minutes before the start of the exam (8:50 a.m. and 12:50 p.m.).
  2. If a student misses an exam due to serious illness, bereavement, etc. he/she shall provide medical verification to the Principal explaining why the student was unable to write the examination. Parents/Guardians should contact the school before the examination begins and submit a Doctor’s note as soon as possible. The student / parent must bring the medical correspondence to the office. Otherwise, failure to write an exam will result in a mark of zero on the exam itself.  Excuses that students did not know when an exam was scheduled are unacceptable. Missing a Public Exam requires the student to complete a supplementary exam in August.
  3. Students must come to the exams prepared with sufficient pens, pencils, erasers, calculators, etc. Borrowing articles during the exam will not be permitted. Calculators cannot be supplied by the school as we do not have class sets.
  4. Use of calculators and similar devices in examinations will be governed by the following regulations
  5. The use of a scientific calculator or an approved graphing calculator will be permitted ONLY during Science or Mathematics examinations, but must run silently and be battery powered.


  1. All scientific calculators are permitted for public examinations. Only approved graphing calculators will be permitted for public examinations. Any graphing calculator NOT okayed by your teacher  is not permitted in the exam room.

















iii.        Students must ensure that all calculators used during examinations are cleared of their memory prior to entering the room.  It is the responsibility of the student to show that their calculators have been cleared of all memory.  Examination supervisors will require a student to demonstrate a calculator has its memory completely cleared before the examination is delivered. The clearing instructions for the approved graphing calculators have been provided to our Math and Science teachers and can be obtained from them.



  1. No device shall be used during an examination to retrieve course related text, formulae, images or any other material of a similar nature unless explicitly authorized by the examination instructions.


  1. No device capable of communicating with another device or student shall be used during an examination. This includes such items as Smart Watches..


  1. The following are NOT permitted during examinations:

(i)         Devices with computer style keyboards

(ii)        Handheld minicomputers or laptop computers

(iii)       Text editing devices such as electronic writing pads or pen-input devices (i.e. any P.D.A. (personal digital assistant) devices such as Axim, IPAC, pocket organizers, palm pilots,)

(iv)       Communication devices such as cell phones


  1. Students may not communicate with or pass materials to other candidates during an examination, except as directed by the supervisor. Candidates are not permitted to share any electronic device, including calculators, during an exam. Any student caught cheating during the writing of an exam will receive the mark of zero on that exam and will be liable to exclusion from all further exams. Students found in possession of notes, materials, etc. that may assist them with the exam will be considered cheating.
  2. Should students require assistance of any kind they are to request the appropriate assistance from one of the supervisors.
  3. To ensure confidentiality and fairness, no student is permitted to leave the exam room until half of the examination time has elapsed.
  4. Any students who arrive prior to 10:00 am in the morning and 2:00 pm for the afternoon sessions shall be permitted to enter the examination room and begin their examination late. It should be noted, these candidates do not get extra time from their start time. Their exam ends the same time as those who started on time.
  5. Examinations should be written single-spaced as neatly as possible on the lines provided in the examination booklet in blue or black ink. A pencil is recommended for mathematical computations and drawing figures and diagrams, and is required for shading responses on machine scorable answer sheets.
  6. Candidates are not permitted to place their names, any distinguishing marks, or inappropriate written matter on any examination paper. However, names are required on machine scorable answer sheets and all January Exams.
  7. In the event that an error in the wording of an examination paper is detected or suspected, candidates are advised to leave the item(s) in question until last, and use their own judgement in interpreting and answering the item(s) as best they can. Supervisors will not make any observations or interpretations regarding examination papers, except to read and explain instructions as they are written. Should errors actually exist, any adjustments required will be made by the Department of Education at the time of marking or by the correctors at school.
  8. Any candidates who, through accident or otherwise, obtained improper access to examination papers prior to writing, or who impersonate other candidates or allow themselves to be impersonated, or who engage in any other form of copying or cheating in any examination, will be disqualified from all examinations. It should be noted that it is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada for any person to have another person write an examination in his/her name.

13        Students other than those who have approved accommodations can be granted extra time at the rate of 10 minutes per examination hour ( i.e. for a three hour examination the maximum allowable time is three and half hours).

  1. If it has been determined that a candidate is in violation of any of the foregoing regulations or has used unfair means in writing any examination, the candidate shall have the examinations in question cancelled, may be disqualified from

obtaining credit for any examinations in the term, and will not be eligible for any scholarship of the Department of Education.

  1. Students will not be permitted to use the washroom once the exam has begun. Attend to this matter prior to entering the exam room.

16.       On entering the examination room, there is to be strict SILENCE.  Students are to go to a desk in the row of seats assigned by the supervisor.  Do not begin the exam until told to do so.

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