Exchange Opportunity

Gonzaga High School  – Saskatchewan Student Exchange Program.


We are currently seeking billets for a high school soccer team from Saskatchewan that consists of 19 males.  This is part of an “Experience Canada” exchange program in which the billeting home would also have a male student from Gonzaga with similar interests.  The visiting students are due to arrive October 12th and will be staying until October 20th.  The intent of the program is to provide a Newfoundland cultural experience and for students to take part in a few soccer matches.  The participants will be attending classes with the boys and will be participating in activities during the evenings.  


In exchange for this the 19 host students from Gonzaga will travel to Saskatchewan later within the school year for a similar experience.


The cost for this whole experience will be $100 per participant plus the cost of any extra excursions in Saskatchewan.


If you are interested in participating in this program please contact Lesley Gallivan via email:  Host families and thus student participants travelling to Saskatchewan will be selected on a first come first serve basis by Wednesday, August 31, 6pm.
Please note those host families that are selected will be required to complete an official “Host Family Application” and complete a Police Reference Check for each family member that is over the age of 18.

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