Airport Heights Bus

Airport Heights Bus Route ESDNL-09-039-1 is still in service.
Start at the intersection of Airport Heights Dr and Elderberry Pl, on Airport Heights Dr, left on
Gairlock St, right on Airport Heights Dr, right on McNiven Pl, left on Cahill Dr, left on Halls Rd,
right on Branscombe St, right on Rhodora St, right on Majors Path, left on Torbay Rd, left on
Hussey Dr, left on Green St, left on Hussey Dr, right on Torbay Rd, right on Harbour View Ave,
turn around at end, right on Torbay Rd and on to school.
Stops (in order of travel)
– (Afternoon routes/stops to be travelled in reverse order)
1.Airport Heights Dr @ Elderberry Pl
2.MacBeth Dr @ Kincaid St
3.#50 MacBeth Dr
4.Gairlock St @ Turnberry St
5.Gairlock St @ Durness St
6.McNiven Pl @ Cahill Dr
7.Halls Rd @ Jesseau Pl
8.#10 Branscombe St
9.#60 Branscombe St
10.Branscombe St @ Lancaster St
11.Majors Path @ Beauford Pl
12.Majors Path @ Lockheed St
13.Hussey Dr @ Green St
14.#27 Harbour View Ave

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