An independent parent of a Gold Level Duke student at Gonzaga is gauging interest for a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Qualifying hike for the dates of June 23-26 (Friday to Monday). There is a local private business (The Outfitters) who has experienced hike leaders in their employ, provide business insurance and would lead a Gold (and possibly Silver) combined qualifying hike for a fee per student. Parent volunteer hike leaders attending would be free. The fee will be comparable to what you would pay for a summer sports camp but will depend on numbers. We are hoping to have at least 12 participants on the hike and possibly more. 

This opportunity is being offered to Gonzaga Gold students as first priority, followed by Gonzaga Silver students if spaces permit (with Golds finishing on the 26th and Silvers finishing on the 25th) and after next Monday the offer will extend to other high schools in the area.  

If you are interested, please email the outfitters by 5 pm. Monday, June 12.  
Please send your full name, and contact info (email and cell) directly to operations@theoutfitters.nf.ca