Tutoring! Tutoring! Tutoring!



Tracy Gardiner here, one of two guidance counsellors here at Gonzaga! I happen to be coordinating the “Tutors for Tuition” program!

The announcement for interested tutors will be made soon followed by the announcement for students wishing to acquire a tutor (aka “Learners”)..

I do have some suggestions for tutoring:

Provincial “Tutors for Tuition” Program – If you are interested in the “Tutors for Tuition” program where we would match your son/daughter with a student tutor here at Gonzaga please see myself, Mrs. Tracy Gardiner in the guidance office (Rm 204A). This program is at no cost to you as it is a program that is run by the provincial government in high schools who wish to partake/coordinate.

This program by its very nature employs Level 1-3 students in a Tutoring role. They are paid minimum wage and accumulate their tutoring hours over the course of the school year. At the end of the year their hours are sent to the Department of Education and a tuition voucher is mailed directly to the student’s home. This voucher can be used at any university in North America. For more information on the Tutors for Tuition program please see their website at http://www.aesl.gov.nl.ca/students/tutortuition.html

If you have a son/daughter here at Gonzaga who excels in a particular subject area who would like to become a tutor, please notify me (tracyanngardiner@nlesd.ca) so we can get them registered ASAP. As you can imagine, Math, Physics and Chemistry are our biggest demands, however, we never rule out the other subject areas because we do get requests for them as well.