Boys Volleyball Qualifier Schedule

Division A Division B
Holy Spirit High Waterford Valley High
Gonzaga Regional High Holy Heart of Mary High
Queen Elizabeth Regional High Mount Pearl Senior High


Friday, Nov. 24        Round Robin      4:00pm START

Match Division A   Match Division B
1 Holy Spirit vs Gonzaga      
      2 WVH vs Holy Heart
3  Holy Spirit vs QE      
      4 WVH vs MPSH
5 Gonzaga vs QE      
      6 Holy Heart vs MPSH


Saturday, Nov. 25        Playoff Round     9:00am START

Match Division A     Division B
AA 2nd A vs 3rd B      
      BB 2nd B vs 3rd A
CC 1st A vs Winner BB      
      DD 1st B vs Winner AA
Consolation Loser CC vs Loser DD      
Gold Winner CC vs Winner DD      


Holy Heart High School, 55 Bonaventure Avenue


No food or drinks in the gym. Remove outdoor footwear before entering. Thanks!!!