Peace and Justice fall 2017-2018

The Peace and Justice group at Gonzaga has students from levels one through three who are dedicated to the service of others. This group focuses on 3 levels of action: within the school community, within the local St. John’s community and finally within the global community. They also extend their action from fund-raising to education and awareness of themselves and others about social justice issues such as: diversity, racism, disabilities, violence prevention, environmental issues, world hunger, food security, human rights and so much more.  Here is a sample of some of their work so far this year.

The School Community

  • Special Needs Unit: regular service with students during the lunch hour.
  • School-based recycling and Recycling Blitzes
  • Multicultural Day for Holiday Havoc celebrations

The Local St. John’s Community

  • Thanksgiving hampers: $650 raised as well as a truck load of food items donated to a local food bank.
  • Halloween for Hunger: Students joined a national campaign, and ‘trick or treated’ for non-perishable food items on Halloween night. Donated to our local food bank to help restock after Thanksgiving.
  • Choices for Youth: Christmas donation of needed items in conjunction with student Rotary group.

The Global Community

  • Rohingya Crisis Relief fundraiser: $200 raised and donated to Doctors without Borders.
  • Ten Thousand Villages Craft Sale volunteers
  • Speaker to increase awareness of Quebec’s Bill 62

We would like to extend our appreciation and congratulations to these students who continue to care and contribute to their school, local and global community.  We would also like to thank our families who donated food for our international lunch.