CNA Blitz – Friday March 16 at our GHS Library

CNA Blitz – Friday March 16 at our GHS Library:
For our Grade 11 & 12 students & parents

Period 3 – Grade 11 & 12 students can sign-up to attend a session special session if they are interested in Business programs.  The sign-up sheet is on Mr Moret’s door and students require their period 3 teachers permission.

Period 4 & Period 5 – Grade 11 & 12 students will be invited to visit the CNA booths. Over 15 booths about different CNA programs will be available to visit.  CNA Instructors will be at the booths for Q&As.
** Grade 10 Career classes have already had visits from CNA instructors and recruitment officers regarding their programs and WILL NOT BE ATTENDING this event.