Course Selection 2021-2022

Course Selection is now available for the 2021-2022 for next year’s Levels One, Two and Three Students. All the information needed for course selection is found here.

Please review it carefully and make sure that you have submitted your requests on line through your PowerSchool account by 3 pm on March 5 for current Level One and Level Two students. Current Grade 9 students should submit requests by March 9, 2021 at 3 pm.

The link to the online course registration portal is found at

Please complete your course selection sheet and return a parent/guardian signed copy via email to by March 5 as well. Your course selection sheet can be scanned or you can also take a picture of it and and send it in that way. Be sure to send BOTH sides of the form in.

Students should refer to the following references when selecting their courses.

Course Selection Sheets (Level One, Level Two and Level Three)

Course Selection Video Information (Level One, Level Two, and Level Three)

Level One French Immersion

 French immersion students entering Level One should also take the time to view the French immersion program video.

There is also the provincial resource “On Course” that is available at this link: This is a great resource for planning a three year plan and for ensuring that students are meeting graduation requirements.

Finally, students entering Level 3 who are interested in Concurrent Studies may find the information in this video useful as well.

Service Leadership Certificate

Please take the time to review this option for the Service Leadership Certificate offered from Gonzaga as students who are interested in participating in this initiative may need to consider registering for specific courses.

Should students and/or families have any questions, please email one of the staff below and we will either respond via email or arrange for a phone conversation to help you with your questions.

Krista Vokey, Principal

Sean Colford, Assistant Principal

Gillian Browne, Assistant Principal

Tom Moret, Guidance Counsellor

Tracy Gardiner, Guidance Counsellor