Policies and Protocols

The following is a list of the most commonly referred to Policies and Protocols followed by Gonzaga High School. The complete set of district policies can be found here.

2018 Jan Exam Regulations

Bus Routes

Student Access

Doors will open in the morning for students at 8:15. Students are expected to vacate the building by 3:30 unless participating in a co-curricular activity under the direct supervision of a teacher. We cannot allow students access to the school outside of these hours.

Attendance and Lates

Students are expected to attend all classes.  If they are absent, a parent or guardian should contact the school secretaries to provide a reason for the absence. They may call, email, or write a note to provide the necessary information.

Students must check out or check in through the main office of arriving late or leaving early.  Home contact is required before a student is given permission to leave.

Late slips are issued whenever a student arrives late for class. After collecting three unexcused late slips in a given month, students will be assigned a lunchtime detention.

Code of Conduct

This will be posted in September 2017.

Exams and Tests

Students are expected to be in attendance for all tests and exams.

Should a student miss a test, a written note must be provided to the teacher and the student will have either to re-write the test or have the value of the test added to the midterm or final exam.

If a student has to miss a test for another reason deemed to be valid by the teacher, the student must inform the teacher prior to the test date in order to make alternate arrangements to complete the assessment.

Exams may only be missed for medical reasons, and a doctor’s note must be provided. The student may be asked to write the missed exam at a later date.


Cell phones may not be out in class unless permission is given by the teacher. Should a student use his or her phone in class without permission, the phone will be passed in to the office for the remainder of the day. Repeat occurrences may result in the student not being permitted to bring a phone to class and parent meetings.

Parking Lot Use

Numbered stalls are reserved for teachers and staff. Students may park either in the spaces behind the school or in the spaces adjacent to the wooded area down the driveway on the side of the school.

Parking and using a vehicle is a privilege on school grounds. Inappropriate use or dangerous driving will result in a removal of parking privileges.

Acceptable Use of Technology

Bullying Intervention

Tobacco Free

Scent Free

Due to allergies, please refrain from wearing scented products. Students who don’t adhere to this may be sent home to remove the product before attending class.

Student Appeals


Airborne allergies not permitted in school will be listed here and students must not bring these items to school under any circumstances.

Social Media

Acceptable Use of Technology

Assessment and Evaluation

This district policy is under review and will be posted when finalized along with any school based protocols on assessments.

School Transfer, Student Registration, and School Zoning

Volunteers In School

Student Travel