Athletic Awards

Athletic Pins

These are presented annually to graduating students for participation
in extra-mural athletics. Candidates must apply to the Principal
for this award, and their application must be supported by their

Team Awards

Each extramural team nominates winners for three different awards:
Most Improved Player, Most Spirited Player, and Most Valuable

Fan of the Year Award

This is given annually to the person who has most consistently and
enthusiastically supported Gonzaga’s sports teams.

Felipe Corpus Memorial Award

This award is presented in memory of a former Physical Education
teacher at Gonzaga to a person who has worked most unselfishly,
usually behind the scenes, to support and promote athletics at

Athlete of the Year

Each year the extramural coaches nominate and select the male and
female Athlete of the Year. To qualify for nomination a student
must be an extramural player in at least one sport and preferably
two, must be competitive and athletic-minded, must have contributed
to the team and to the development of athletic spirit in the school,
and must be an all-round sport, not just on the extramural team for
personal glory.

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