Student Awards

Student of the Year

Each year teachers nominate and select the male and female Student
of the Year
from the graduating class. Winners’ names are engraved
on the permanent trophy kept in the school and on the wall plaque.

Governor General’s Medal

This medal is awarded annually to the graduating student with the
highest aggregate average during his or her Sr. High School program.

Men and Women for Others Award

These awards are presented annually to selected students of Gonzaga
High School to recognize their service to fellow students, the
school and/or the community at large. Awards shall consist of a
perpetual plaque and a keeper plaque as follows:

  • Level I – Father Vernon Boyd, S.J. Award
  • Level II – Father Joseph Schuck, S.J. Award
  • Level III – Brother Joseph Frechette, S.J. Award, & Father J. Winston Rye, S.J. Award(2 awards for Level III)

Proficiency Awards

These are presented annually (at Graduation) to the graduating students
who have achieved the highest mark in each of the 3000 level

Honour Roll

The Honour Roll lists the names of all students in the school who
have achieved Second Class Honours (75-79%) and First Class
Honours (80% and above).

Academic Awards

At the conclusion of the year students may receive an award for
academic distinction. These awards are:

  • GOLD 90 + Average
  • SILVER80 – 89.99 Average
  • BRONZE 70 – 79.99 Average

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