Teachers / Staff

Administration & Support Staff

Principal Krista Vokey-on leave kristavokey@nlesd.ca
Principal Debbie Howse debbiehowse@nlesd.ca
Assistant Principal Andrew Cluney andrewcluney@nlesd.ca
Guidance Tom Moret thomasmoret@nlesd.ca
Guidance / IRT Tracy Gardiner tracyanngardiner@nlesd.ca
Secretary Geraldine Houlihan geraldinehoulihan@nlesd.ca
Secretary Crystal Foley crystalfoley@nlesd.ca
Maintenance Ambrose Meaney ambrosemeaney@nlesd.ca


Roxanne Canning Student Assistant roxannecanning@nlesd.ca
Natasha Bishop Student Support Services natashabishop@nlesd.ca
Gill Browne French-On Leave gillianbrowne@nlesd.ca
Carolyn Chaulk English carolynchaulk@nlesd.ca
Sean Colford Science- Head seancolford@nlesd.ca
Garry Collins English garycollins@nlesd.ca
Andrew Cooper Music/Family Studies andrewcooper@nlesd.ca
Amanda Craig Science amandacraig@nlesd.ca
Chris Downey French chrisdowney@nlesd.ca
Lori Fritz Student Support Services lorellfritz@nlesd.ca
Lesley Gallivan Science lesleygallivan@nlesd.ca.ca
Bobby Hancott Social Studies bobbyhancott@nlesd.ca
Keli-Jo Healey English-On Leave kelihealey@nlesd.ca
Margaret Heneghan English- Head margaretheneghan@nlesd.ca
Robert Johnston Social Studies-Head robertjohnston@nlesd.ca
Lisa Kavanagh Art lisakavanagh@nlesd.ca
Amy Kearley Math amykearley@nlesd.ca
Peter Keough Student Support Services  peterkeough@nlesd.ca
Susan Kim Math susankim@nlesd.ca
Cynthia Lake Clothing / Nutrition cynthialake@nlesd.ca
Jennifer Lake Math -On Leave jenniferlake@nlesd.ca
 Val Lilly Phys Ed valerielillytorraville@nlesd.ca
Lana MacClellan English lanaraemaclellan@nlesd.ca
Brian Mandville Science brianmandville@nlesd.ca
Cynthia Manning French-Head cynthiamanning@nlesd.ca
Joanne McNeil Mathematics joannemcneil@nlesd.ca
Trevor Menchions Student Support Services trevormenchions@nlesd.ca
Karen Moore Mathematics karenmoore@nlesd.ca
Kristin Murphy Drama/Music kristinmurphy@nlesd.ca
Mabel Nash French mabelnash@nlesd.ca
Roxanne Osmond Support Services roxanneosmond@nlesd.ca
Deon Perry English/Healthy Living  deonlperry@nlesd.ca
Gerry Power Skilled Trades  gerrypower@nlesd.ca
Ben Riche English benriche@nlesd.ca
Philip Sheppard Science philipheppard@nlesd.ca
Kim Templeman Teacher Librarian/Biology kimtempleman@nlesd.ca
Jamie Vaters Science jamievaters@nlesd.ca
Brian Walsh Student Support Services  brianwalsh@nlesd.ca
Shawn Walsh Student Assistant  bshawnwalsh@nlesd.ca
David Welshman Social Studies davidwelshman@nlesd.ca
Bill Williams Mathematics-Head williamwilliams@nlesd.ca
Pamela Young Support Services-Head pamelayoung@nlesd.ca

Former/Retired Gonzaga Teachers

Name Tenure Email Address
Altilia, Fr. Len S.J. 75144.743@compuserve.com
Brennen, Patrick W. 1962 – 66 pwab1958@gmail.com
Bursey, Brian 1988-2003 bbursey@gonzaga.k12.nf.ca
Byrd, Andy abyrd@nl.rogers.com
Cassidy, Dr. Joe j.p.cassidy@durham.ac.uk
Coffey, Ken 1975-2005 kenc@nl.rogers.com
Collins, Ron 1998-99 ronaldcollins@esdnl.ca
Creamer, David G., S.J. 1971-74 creamer@ms.umanitoba.ca
Dawson, John 1971-74 jrdawson@mb.sympatico.ca
Dilny, Bill 1972-86 dilny@nl.rogers.com
Donovan, Tom tfdonovan51@yahoo.ca
Dubreuil(Griffin), Kate k_dubreuil@hotmail.com
Dunne, Maureen 1988-1993 mdunne@mun.ca
Falconer, Duane duanefalconer@hotmail.com
Foley, Brian bfoley@neb.rr.com
Geary, Peter 1969-71 pgeary@cdli.nf.ca
Holden, Brendan 1966-67 bholden@water.env.gov.bc.ca
Janes, Rita 1966-67;1968-69 ritajanes@nf.sympatico.ca
Kavanagh, John 1983-2003 johnkavanagh@nl.rogers.com
Kendall, Barry bkendall@nf.sympatico.ca
LeDrew,Doug Dougledrew@nl.rogers.com
Martin, John J. anoi@execpc.com
Meaney, Art hcmeaney@gmail.com
Neary, Gordon 1975-80 gfneary@nf.sympatico.ca
Noseworthy, Paul 1982-2007 pnoseworthy@gmail.com
Parsons, Wayne 1973-97 k.warren@nl.rogers.com
Power, Ron 1999-2002 ron.power@warp.nfld.net
Ryan, Sheila Music sheila_ryan@bellaliant.net
Sauve, Bob 1968-69 rsauve999@hotmail.com
Smith, David 1987-98 davidsmith@nf.sympatico.ca
Snook, Liz 1988-2003 esnook@gonzaga.k12.nf.ca
Squires, George jordy@nl.rogers.com
Tobin, Paul ptobin@gonzaga.k12.nf.ca
White, Len lenwhite04@gmail.com
Edward Zwicker Earth Science – Chemistry ezwicker@cdli.ca
Whitt, Morley mwhitt@roadrunner.nf.net

Former/Retired Teachers wishing to be included in this Address Directory
are asked to email:


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